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          1. NURSING

            Introduction to Wound Ostomy Clinic

            Tumor patients often face more wound ostomy problems due to the special characteristics of the body function and long period of treatment. The international ostomy nurses are mainly responsible for the positioning and nursing of the abdominal stoma, preventing and treating the complications of ostomy. It mainly adopts international advanced and globally advocated wet therapy. The treatment items include pressure sores, drug ulcers, radiation-damaged wounds, various traumas including postoperative refractory wounds, chronic fistulas, sinus wounds, tumor wounds, incontinence, and the professional treatment of therapeutic care and enterostomy, urinary stoma and its complications provides patients and their families with various counseling services and psychological care, so that patients can achieve the ultimate goal of recovery as soon as possible and return to society and normal life. Since 1998, the clinic has been jointly established with doctors. In April 2007, it was independently established. It is the first professional nursing clinic in the province, and is the main founder and training practice base of the Yuma International Wound Ostomy Treatment Training School of Nanjing Medical University involving the course design and teaching of the students.

            Team introduction:There are 2 members of the wound ostomy treatment team in our hospital, including 2 international enterostomal therapists, and both are specialist nurses.
            Treatment Time:Tuesday morning(Yang Lifang), Friday afternoon(Zhang Yinan)
            Location:4th floor of outpatient department
            Location at other working time: Wound stoma treatment room on 11th floor of Building #1

            • Name:Yang Lifang
              Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
              Professional title: co-chief superintendent nurse
              speciality: She established the first ostomy specialist nursing clinic in Jiangsu Province, engaged in wound ostomy specialist treatment for more than 20 years, specializing in drug ulcers, radiation-damaged wounds, refractory wounds, lymphedema, intestinal stoma, urinary stoma and its complications Handling, She has gone to Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places to learn how to treat the lymphatic edema comprehensive swelling treatment technology, and participated in the curriculum design of Nanjing International Stomatology School. She was accredited by the World Association of Ostomy Therapists for the International Ostomy, Wound, Incontinence Specialist (ET); the first WCET International Stoma Therapist in Jiangsu Province and obtained the Certificate of Lymphedema Treatment. She is member of the World Ostomy Therapist Association, Jiangsu Deputy Director of the Provincial Oral Wound Professional Committee.
            • Name:Zhang Yinan
              Department: Colorectal Cancer Clinical Research Center
              Professional title: Chief nurse
              speciality: The head nurse of the Colorectal Cancer Clinical Research Center, and has been engaged in colorectal cancer specialist nursing for 22 years. She has rich clinical nursing experience in complex wounds, stoma, incontinence and lymphedema specialist nursing. In 2009, she graduated from the School of Ostomy Therapists at Sun Yat-sen University, and she is a WCET International Stoma Therapist with lymphedema and manual drainage comprehensive treatment qualification. She is member of the Surgical Committee of the Nanjing Nursing Association, the Wound Stoma Consultation Group and the leader of the admission team. She presided over a hospital-level project and published several papers.
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